VIDEO: KKK fliers shock San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)–Reports of hate-mongering in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood has residents and police concerned.

Recruitment fliers for the Ku Klux Klan have been reportedly spotted in several locations in that part of town.

KRON 4’s Maureen Kelly got reaction.

Here’s a photo of the flier that was posted on the news blog Hoodline.

It accuses the Black Lives Matter movement of telling its followers to kill white people and police officers and calls on whites to join the KKK before it’s too late.

It’s reportedly been found in several doorways in the San Francisco neighborhood and while many had heard about it through social media, no one Kelly talked to had seen it themselves. But never the less they are disturbed.

“This is horrible,” one resident said. “It’s horrible,”

“I’m a little bit shocked that,” said resident Taj Smith. “I don’t know. That’s probably being taken down as fast as it’s getting put up. You know what I mean because that’s not how we rock it down here.”

“If you really feel like this, you should come out in the public,” said resident Jason Smith. “Just like the Black Lives Matter, those protesters, they’re out, you see them , you see their faces. Show your faces.”

I called the phone number on the flyer so a Haight Street resident could hear it. He found the recorded message laughable.

“That sounds too elaborate to be a joke,” resident Lucas Jenkins said.

Many were confused why someone would bother to try to recruit for a White Power organization in an area made so famous by 60’s the peace movement that tour buses  can often be rolling through.

One tourist in tie dye says he’s sad for those who had to see it.

“There’s crazy people in the world,” tourist Joseph Lanzisera said. “What can you say. Just ignore them and rise above them.”

The police say no crime has been committed, but they are still interested in hearing from anyone who’s got the flier.

“Although they have a right to their first amendment expression, we just want to make sure it’s not related to any kind of hate crime,” San Francisco Police Department Capt. John Sanford.

Someone posted a response to the KKK on a light pole. It reads “Nobody wants to join your pathetic hate group, so you can keep your bed sheets and racism to yourself.”

Apparently haters aren’t welcome on Haight Street.

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