VIDEO: Surveillance cameras on Highway 4 in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG (KRON)—Surveillance cameras are now up along Highway 4 in Pittsburg which is a hot spot for violence in recent months.

The public wanted them, police wanted them and, now the city has them.

Only on KRON 4, Philippe Djegal was along Highway 4 where police showed us where the new cameras have been installed.

The cameras are being installed in phases.

The first phase is setting them up here along the borders of Antioch and also in Concord. That way, police can monitor who is driving in and out of Pittsburg.

Tucked below a sign above Highway 4 is a new batch of cameras keeping an eye on this part of the city never monitored with video until now.

“In six weeks, we have not only talked about putting cameras, but we are installing cameras,” Pittsburg Police Captain Ron Raman said

Six weeks ago, Capt. Raman says his chief approached the city council asking for funds to purchase and install cameras along the troubled highway.

The council unanimously approved. This after the May murder of Shanique Marie, who was shot to death while passing through Pittsburg.

Motorists say “it’s outrageous,”  and have been on edge ever since.

“This, we hope will be a deterrent for one, for anyone to commit crimes in the city of Pittsburg or anywhere within our region,” Raman said. “If, if there is a crime that has occurs we’ll be able to look back at those cameras as a resource and investigative tool, who was on the freeway and possibly ID the suspect.”

Fourteen cameras are going up along the freeway and Captain Raman says they should all be operational by Monday. This in addition to the more than 120 surveillance cameras already set-up at various parks and intersections.

“I can pull up any camera,” Raman said.

And, just like those cameras, any officer can monitor the video feeds in real-time on their smart phones.

“It’ll make it better for everybody, just having that peace of mind coming to work, going back home, so that’s wonderful,” said resident Veronica Perez. “I’m glad that’s happening.”

Once the first batch of cameras are up and running, police and the city will discuss with Caltrans and BART on where to put the next group of cameras.


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