San Bruno police investigate robbery of Pokemon GO players

Pokemon Go (KRON)

SAN BRUNO (KRON) — San Bruno police are investigating a robbery that happened on Wednesday in which two people may have targeted Pokemon GO players, according to police.

Officers said they responded to a report of a robbery in the 800 block of San Mateo Avenue on Wednesday. Police said two suspects assaulted a victim right after he was looking down at his phone.

The suspects took the victim’s cellphone and wallet.

Police said the ensuing investigation revealed a “digital arena” existed at the location of the crime and subjects in the immediate area were trying to locate this spot while playing the game.

Investigators are also looking into the possibility the suspects in the case may have planted a “digital lure” at this location in the hopes of coming across a potential victim, police said.

Police said the victim in this case was not playing the game but was looking at his phone immediately prior to being assaulted.

The suspects are described as having thin builds and wearing hooded sweatshirts and dark clothing.

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