Video: Sneak peek at SMART Train in Cotati


COTATI (KRON) — KRON got a sneak peek on Friday of a big public transportation system that is scheduled to go online soon.

QuadCopter4 captured video above the project. A new station in Cotati is almost ready to be opened to the public.

There are brand new seats ready for passengers. But before the doors open to the public, the SMART Train has to go through a series of tests.

Operators are currently testing speed rates, computer networks, and gates. They are trying to also get the word out about the train coming soon to areas that have not had to deal with a train in a long time.

The SMART Train will cover 43 miles along the North Bay, from the Sonoma Airport all the way down to San Rafael, and eventually, to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.

The $450 million project started in 2012. It is supposed to go online at the end of the year.

A big public transportation project is moving closer to the finish line at the end of the year

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