Pokémon Go crawl in San Francisco’s Mission District Wednesday

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) –It has taken the country by storm. The cultural phenomenon that is Pokemon Go is set to take over the streets of San Francisco.

It’s being called a Pokémon Go crawl.

Thousands of Pokémon Go players will meet in San Francisco Wednesday and walk the streets together playing Pokémon Go.

KRON4’s J.R. Stone is tracking the players Wednesday night.

You may have heard of pub crawls.  A group gathers together and goes from one bar to another.  This Pokémon Go crawl is bigger than that.

About 8,000 people in the Bay Area have RSVP’d to say they will be attending Wednesday’s event.

Stone met up with a couple of different Pokémon Go players who are going Wednesday.  Pokémon Go player Gabe Perez says he can’t wait.

Thousands of people are expected to meet at either Dolores Park or along the piers just north of the Ferry Building.

Police are warning people to be careful.  They’ve already dealt with people being robbed while playing.

Nationwide, there have been problems with people getting hurt because they’re not paying attention.

Pokémon players KRON4 talked with said that will not stop them saying Wednesday will be a monumental day.

“Yeah it’s pretty crazy, said Ryan Delk who is VP of BD & Growth at OMNI. “Any mobile app company can create this kind of buzz. They’re saying ten to fifteen thousand people will come out to catch Pokémon and go all over San Francisco.”

“So I’m team yellow,” said Pokémon Go player Gabe Perez. “I haven’t decided my route yet. I kind of want to start in Dolores. I know there’s also another pinpoint where all the Bulbasaurs are down by the Embarcadero, but I’m looking for a Charmander so I think I will have more luck going down to Dolores. I’m trying to get myself a Charizard. I’ve got all the other ones, but I’m trying to get myself a Charizard so I got to get those candies.”

A lot of people are still learning about this game. Wednesday’s crawl starts at 6 p.m. and goes until 1 a.m.

The idea is that regardless of where these players start, they end up at a bar in the Mission.

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