Oakland considering changing police tactics

OAKLAND (KRON)—Two days after an attack on an Oakland police officer, the department is reconsidering whether supervisors should be paired up for safety.

Now, an Oakland city councilor is sharing what he wants to accomplish in the wake of a targeted attack on law enforcement.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake spoke to that city official.

Oakland police are now saying the suspects who shot at one of their sergeants was out to hurt police.

“The Oakland police department had a sergeant who became the target and a victim of an unprovoked, very deliberate attack,” said an Oakland police officer.

No bullets hit the officer, but she did go to the hospital.

One city councilor is pleased with patrols being doubled up after recent shootings nationwide.

“If the police chief feels he needs to have a national guard in his car as well, that’s his call, and I respect that,” said Oakland city councilor Noel Gallo.

But Gallo says the problem now is that there aren’t enough police officers in Oakland.

“At the leadership level, I want to elevate the number of officers we have hired. Currently we’re at 724 and I believe we ought to have 824,” Gallo said.

He says he would even be willing to go back to a contractual basis with highway patrol just to get more law enforcement on the streets.

“It is serious, and we need to take care of our children and families,” Gallo said.

Unfortunately, crime in Oakland is something Gallo and many others are used to these days. He says there are too many guns on the streets.

“We pass all the gun laws that are available to pass,” Gallo said. “It’s all about enforcement.”

As the chief tries to keep officers safe while on patrol, the city council will try to ease the burdens facing law enforcement.

We do know the mayor was able to reach out to the injured police officer.

Gallo says he believes the sergeant is out of the hospital.

So far the shooter hasn’t been found.

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