CHP asking for public’s help in hit-and-run

CONCORD (KRON)—A senior living center in Concord is dealing with the news that one of its residents was killed in a hit-and-run over the weekend.

The coroner just identified the woman Tuesday.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake has more on why the California Highway Patrol needs your help to track down the driver.

Inside Carlton Senior Living, not everyone knows yet that Marie Chellino has passed away.

“She came back and that was it,” said Chellino’s neighbor Johanna McCullough. “I haven’t seen her since. Nobody knows where she is or what’s going on.”

Early Sunday morning, a car hit her on Highway 242 near Olivera Road in Concord.

The driver didn’t stop.

“We still have no idea what kind of vehicle was involved, who was driving that car,” said CHP officer Brandon Correia. “There was no witnesses that have come out or that have been reported that saw the collision or saw the vehicle leave the scene.”

Chellino didn’t have ID on her at the time, but the coroner figured out who she was by using her fingerprints.

“We used to walk together a lot, and the last time she was here at the plaza, in the park,” McCullough said. “She always loved hugging trees, so she was hugging one tree after another.”

Investigators hope to know more about why Chellino was on the highway in the middle of the night, once they piece together the last 24 hours of her life.

Now highway patrol needs your help figuring out who’s responsible.

“The information’s so limited right now,” Correia said. “The public will really be able to help out if they just know a neighbor, a friend, anyone that lives in that area that maybe heard something.”

Even if you see some mysterious damage on a vehicle of somebody you know, that could be a clue.

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