People Behaving Badly: DMV Pop Quiz

EL CERRITO (KRON)—Hey how you doing. I’m over here at DMV in city of El Cerrito and I have my trusty iPad here and we’re going to do some called PBB pop quiz.

What that means is we’re going to give some people the test that is on the DMV, but I also added a few trick questions to see how people do.

“Two sets of double yellow lines two feet apart means?” I asked.

“You can cross them….there’s no double yellow lines two feet across,” the male driver said.

“How long you been driving?” Roberts asked.

“Let me see,” the driver said.

While he’s thinking about that, let’s look at some other people.

When you see two sets of double yellow lines to or more feet apart that means hurry up and cross true or false?” I asked.

“Yes,” a female driver answered

“You think it’s true?”

“Ah ha,” she said.

“Hmmm why?”

“Because it yellow, so yellow means you can cross.”

“How much is the ticket if a cop see you driving barefoot?” I asked a different female driver

“No idea I drive barefoot all the time,” she answered.

“How much is the ticket for driving barefoot in California?” I asked a male driver.

“I do not know the answer to that question,” the driver said.

“Well what do you think it is? You’re driving barefoot a cop pulls you over. He see you driving barefoot,”

“$150, $200.”

“It not possible,” a female driver said “How can they see you drive bare foot?! I fell for that one. That was a trick question.”

“That was a trick question,” I said.

“So, it’s okay to stop at a red light and play Pokemon Go if there’s a rare Pokemon on the screen?”

I asked a different driver.

“No,” the driver said.

“Why not?”

“You don’t play Pokemon while you’re driving. Come on.”

“True or false. Is it okay to play Pokemon go at a stop light if it’s a rare Pokémon?” I asked another driver.

“No its false,” the driver answered.

“Why is it false?”

“Because you can’t use your phone at a stoplight.”

“When you see two sets of double yellow lines more than two feet across that means hurry up and cross?” I asked a male and a female driver.

“No,” the woman said.

“I don’t know actually,” the man said.

“Your sons taking the test.. maybe,” I said.

“He might know. He doing the questions now.”

“Maybe some else should take the test?

“Yea I get you.”

“We’re going to go back in because you’re going to have to take the test again. We’re going to get you set up to start taking your test cause ahh you not doing too good today.”

Sample tests:

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