Rob Black’s Winners and Losers: McDonald’s reports disappointing sales growth

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — On today’s edition of Rob Black’s Winners and Losers, our financial expert Rob Black and KRON 4’s Mark Danon talk about Amazon testing drones, McDonald’s and credit scores.

Amazon has partnered with the U.K. government to test drones in Britain’s rural and suburban areas, a move which aims to bring the unmanned flying machines closer to being used for deliveries.

McDonald’s has missed profit forecasts for the second quarter. The chain took a hit from planned re-franchising and charges from an impending move of its headquarters to Chicago.

Could your credit score be the secret to happiness? It turns out that having a handle on your credit worthiness can have a positive impact on your money behavior, overall sense of self — and even your love life. Nearly three-quarters of those who checked their scores more than seven times in a year said that such frequent — some might say compulsive — reviews changed their behavior for the better.

Rob Black answers Kyle’s question: Do stocks react to political conventions?

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