Tobinworld holds last day of school

ANTIOCH (KRON)—Only on KRON4, the special needs school where the abuse of a 9-year-old student was caught on tape is closing its doors for good Tuesday.

The video surfaced back in September and resulted in the firing and criminal prosecution of two Tobinworld teacher’s aide.

But it also prompted a KRON4 News investigation that uncovered other claims of abuse in the classroom.

KRON4 was there Tuesday as Tobinworld held their final day of class.

Maureen Kelly talked to parents and teachers who are sad to see the school for disabled students shut down.

Like any last day of school, Tobinworld staff members waved goodbye and hugged their students.

Others packed their cars with their personal belongings while friends posed pictures together.

But these snapshots could mark the final times these kids are together.

That’s because Tuesday is the last day of business for this Antioch special needs school.

The embattled school is shutting down after the chaotic classroom video came to light and a KRON4 News investigation unearthed other allegations of abuse.

Then the state attorney launched an investigation into how disabled students are being treated at Tobinworld and other non-public schools.

That caused the Antioch unified school district to pull more than 40 students out of Tobinworld.

According to a letter sent to parents from the school’s executive director, the move made it impossible for Tobinworld to remain open.

Parents and guardians picking up students Tuesday say they aren’t happy that the school is closing.

A teacher, who didn’t want to appear on camera, says she’s sad an institution had to fold because of the actions of a few.

Anytime there is any kind of abuse, it’s sad and it’s tragic,” the teacher said. “But I see it as isolated. There’s so many good people, so many warm hearts.”

While that teacher is sad to now be looking for work, she was not upset to hear about the attorney general’s investigation

“I don’t think any industry that’s dealing with behaviors that we are dealing with should just be left on their own to do whatever they want to do,” the teacher said.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said they could not share any details regarding the investigation into Tobinworld they could only confirm that it is active and ongoing.

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