Two arrested after loaded gun found inside car

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)—Police arrested two people after officers found a gun inside a bag during a traffic stop in San Francisco on Monday morning.

Police arrived to the 300 block of Bayshore Boulevard after someone reported a suspect brandished a handgun just after midnight.

Officers pulled over a car that matched the description the caller had given them.

The suspects were pulled over at a local Jack-in-the-Box when officers spotted the back of a gun sticking out from a paper bag.

The officers took the loaded .40 caliber gun and then arrested the two suspects later identified as 36-year-old Eric McLin and 27-year-old Erika Bell.

Police got a search warrant to search the suspect’s home on the 1400 block of Newcomb Avenue. When officers searched the home, they found another .40-caliber handgun, ammunition and magazines.

McLin and Bell were charged with suspicion of carrying a loaded gun, possessing a concealed firearm inside a car, and plotting to commit a crime.

Bay City News also contributed to this report.

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