OPD Sex Scandal: Exclusive interview with grandmother of Celeste Guap


RICHMOND (KRON) — Celeste Guap is at the center of a police sex scandal that has triggered investigations in several Bay Area police departments.

Some officers are accused of having sex with her when she was a minor. KRON was the first to break this story in May, and now, nearly three months later, the investigations are still ongoing.

The slow-moving hand of justice is frustrating at least for one Richmond woman.

KRON’s Haaziq Madyun talked on Friday to the grandmother of Celeste Guap, who does not understand why offending officers haven’t been punished already.

A proud grandmother talked about her granddaughter Jasmine, more commonly known as Celeste Guap. For the past three months, Guap has been the focus of several police sexual misconduct investigations in the Bay Area.

Celeste Guap as a child.
Celeste Guap as a child.

“Policemen from Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, Alameda, they abuse my granddaughter,” Grandma Marlene said.

After silently watching this police sex scandal play out in the media, Guap’s paternal grandmother said she’s had enough and decided to reach out to KRON on behalf of her family.

Out of respect for her privacy, we will refer to her as Grandma Marlene

“Yes! All family very upset, all of us,” she said. “My son, he feels sick too [because that happened].”

She is referring to Celeste Guap’s father, who did not want to be a part of this interview.

OPD Sex Scandal Section

“Sometimes, I cannot sleep. He cannot sleep. He has to take pills to sleep, me too. I feel very, very sad about that happened,” Grandma Marlene said.

Granda Marlene said her granddaughter was a happy child, but she said all of that changed when Guap started interacting with officers in the Oakland Police Department.

“At 16, I had my first experience with an OPD,” Guap said in a recent interview with Zeenie Abraham of zennie62 on YouTube.

Guap said her first sexual encounter with a cop is someone she met through her mother, who is an OPD dispatcher, Guap said in the interview.

“He was my mother’s friend,” Guap said. “It was more romantic. We considered it like in a relationship, boyfriend-girlfriend.”

Grandma Marlene takes a different view.

“They [officers] supposed to go to jail,” Guap said. “If anybody else (does) this, supposed to be in jail.”

That remains to be seen. The Alameda County District Attorney is in the midst of multiple independent sexual misconduct investigations involving East Bay law enforcement agencies.

Guap’s grandmother said she will not be satisfied until someone is held accountable.

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