Video: San Francisco driver says bicyclist pulled out knife and stabbed her car tire


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco woman said a man on a bike followed her, pulled out a knife, and then stabbed her car tire.

Only on KRON, she shared the video she took of the attack. The woman said she is terrified.

In the video, you can see the bike rider pull up, wave, and try to open the car door. Then, he flashes what appears to be a knife in his hand.

Then, he appears to open the knife, stab the car’s front tire, and then take off.

The woman said this happened on Monday night in the Mission District at 20th and Mission.

She claims she did nothing wrong and noticed the bike rider followed her.

So, she started recording. After he slashed her tire, she called 911 and then he comes back, she said.

The woman is so scared that she did not want us to show her face or use her name.

Police did file a report.

The woman shared with us the video because the bike rider has not been caught, and she is afraid he could attack another driver.

The woman said the bike rider had an ID badge clipped on him and hopes someone will recognize it and help catch him.

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