East Tampa kids rallying to stop the violence

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Residents in East Tampa rallied together to stop the violence.

Fed up with the hatred and discord that has permeated the country recently, some organizers held a march to ask for peace.

And you’d be surprised to learn who organized it – kids!

Marchers young and old walked through east Tampa asking for a change in a peaceful way. Over the past few weeks, many people nationwide have angrily expressed their frustration with law enforcement, and in some sad cases, it’s lead to the murder of police officers. So in response, kids ranging in age from 12 to 17 years old completely planned and organized this unity rally.

“I just wanted to have a safe community for me and my friends and that we can all come together and live peacefully,” said 16-year-old Destani Jackson.

They’re part of ‘Safe and Sound Hillsborough’, a community organization which treats violence as a public health crisis. They’re sharing their message of peace to stop the hatred before it starts.

“If we don’t start addressing the issues that contribute to violence, we’re going to see it like a disease spread and get out of control,” said Safe and Sound Hillsborough Executive Director Freddy Barton.

These adults will tell you, no matter how work they put in, it’s much more effective when children take the lead.

“If we are truly trying to effectuate change on a generational level, it starts with our kids,” said Barton.

Jackson said, “If the kids can do it, the adults can do it too.”

These marchers want to prove that there is hope for the future, not despair. And it just goes to show that you’re never too old or young to make a difference.

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