Two arrested for drug-related offenses

NAPA (BCN)—Two men were arrested on suspicion of drug-related offenses package arrived at a hotel in American Canyon with $12,000 inside earlier this week, according to Napa police.

The parcel arrived Wednesday at a hotel in the 3000 block of Broadway Street. A hotel employee reported it to American Canyon police, who requested the help of the Napa Special Investigations Bureau.

Investigators identified the intended recipient of the package as 24-year-old Andrew Orsini who was flying in from the East Coast and had reserved a room at the hotel that evening, police said.

Orsini, a resident of Windsor, Connecticut, also had a suitcase delivered to the hotel via a courier service, according to police.

Investigators believed Orsini was flying to California to purchase marijuana cheaper than he could on the East Coast and authored a search warrant for the suitcase, where they found $18,000 inside.

Shortly afterward, detectives saw Orsini arrive at the airport and detained him. They learned 27-year-old Austin O’Rourke had driven Orsini to the hotel and was waiting outside.

Two detectives tried to contact O’Rourke, who fled a short distance in a Toyota Prius before getting out of the car, throwing a suitcase and giving up. Investigators found 10 pounds of marijuana packaged in 1-pound bags in the suitcase.

Detectives found an additional $23,000, along with the previously discovered $30,000, during a search of Orsini, O’Rourke and the Prius, police said.

Both suspects were booked into Napa County Jail on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale, transportation and sale of marijuana, and conspiracy to commit criminal acts, according to police.

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