Dine and Dish: What would Brian Boitano make?


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Now that the Olympics are in full swing, you might ask yourself, what do Olympians eat to fuel their powerhouse performances?

Vicki Liviakis talked with a former Olympian about the meal he would make. He’s the Bay Area’s own Brian Boitano.

The former Olympic figure skater who took home the gold and is now giving a gold medal performance in the kitchen.

But Brian Boitano isn’t just skating on his past as an Olympian.

His cookbook is called, “What would Brian Boitano make?”

Who can forget the South Park spoof, “What would Brian Boitano do?”

Besides recipe’s involving ice, Boitano is embracing his Italian roots and cooking with the chef here at Credo in San Francisco.

They’re making a meal to benefit bay scholars and students like Brittany.

From farm to table, carrots and snap peas, the recipes are crowd-pleasers.

Watch the above video to see Vicki’s full report.

Dinner tickets are available for the Bay Scholar Benefit on Friday, Aug. 19. You can purchase tickets at www.credosf.com.


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