Oakland brothers sentenced for kidnapping and human trafficking

OAKLAND (BCN) — Two brothers who were convicted of kidnapping and human trafficking for trying to force a woman to engage in prostitution for them in Oakland were sentenced to lengthy state prison terms today.

Samuel Asa Wynn, 39, who prosecutors said was the more active participant in the crime, was sentenced by Alameda County Superior Court Judge C. Don Clay to life in prison and Lewis Asa Wynn, 38, was sentenced to 21 years.

Prosecutors said the victim, known in court as Jane Doe, was working as a prostitute in the area of 18th Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland on July 10, 2015, when the Wynn brothers approached her.

They said the brothers asked her, “Where’s your pimp at?” and told her they needed “new girls” to work for them but Jane Doe refused their offer
and they left.

But a few minutes later, the Wynn brothers pulled up to Jane Doe in their vehicle and Samuel Wynn grabbed her and physically forced her into the back seat of the car, prosecutors said.

The woman screamed loudly for help and physically resisted but she was physically overpowered by Samuel Wynn, according to the district attorney’s office.
A neighbor heard Jane Doe screaming and called 911 to report the
kidnapping, prosecutors said.

Inside the car, the Wynn brothers told the woman they were going to sexually assault her and then force her to engage in acts of prostitution at the Comfort Inn in East Oakland, according to the district attorney’s office.

Fortunately for Jane Doe, Oakland police officers spotted the car that matched the witness’ description within 15 minutes, before she was forced into performing any sexual acts, and they safely stopped the vehicle and apprehended the Wynn brothers, authorities said.

Prosecutor Allyson Donovan said Samuel Wynn got the longer sentence because he masterminded the crime and he had more serious prior felony convictions, although Lewis Wynn has also been convicted of felonies in the past.

Donovan asked that Lewis Wynn be sentenced to 50 years because she thinks he was an active participant in the crime, even though his brother was
the lead aggressor.

However, Clay said a 21-year term would be more appropriate.

Before he was sentenced, Lewis Wynn complained that he was being “railroaded” and said he was only a minor participant in what his brother did.

Lewis Wynn said Jane Doe had opportunities to get out of the car that night and claimed, “I never stopped her from getting out of the car.”

He accused the woman of engaging in perjury and said, “I’m not a pimp and I’ve never accepted money from a prostitute in my life.”

Donovan said Lewis Wynn’s comments indicate he has “a refusal to accept responsibility” and said it is “absolutely offensive” for him to “slander” Jane Doe.

The Wynn brothers’ family members quietly sobbed during their sentencing hearing.

A bailiff escorted Donovan back to her office after the hearing because the Wynn family has made threatening comments to her in the past.

After the hearing, Donovan said that even though the victim was already working as a prostitute, she didn’t deserve to be kidnapped and forced into committing acts of prostitution for others.

She said jail authorities tape-recorded a call in which Samuel Wynn told a friend that because the woman was a prostitute no one would believe her and he wouldn’t be convicted.

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