Police: Sunnyvale man takes down suspect who was sexually assaulting woman


SUNNYVALE (KRON) — A Sunnyvale man is being called a Good Samaritan after police said he stopped and took down a male suspect who was sexually assaulting a woman.

KRON4 has been following the story since the incident occurred last week near the Sunnyvale and Evelyn bus station.

The victim was walking in the area and had stopped at a crosswalk.

That is when police said the suspect grabbed and began sexually assaulting the female victim.

The victim screamed, and a brave bystander heard her cry for help, police said.

The Good Samaritan stepped in and took the suspect to the ground, police said.

He held him down until officers arrived.

“They were struggling,” Good Samaritan Bryan Reeve said. “She was standing upright but kind of bent down and he was stressing her. I ran over, grabbed him, took him to about here, while my girlfriend addressed the victim. Had his back facing me, and I tripped him over my leg. Pinned him onto the ground, and held him there, until the police were able to arrive.”

Police said 34-year-old Huylan Nguyen sexually assaulted the female victim.

Nguyen was booked into county jail and is being held on a $65,000 bail.

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