VIDEO: One injured after truck crashed into Denny’s in Fremont

Photo Courtesy: Fremont Fire Department


FREMONT (BCN) — An employee was taken to a hospital after a truck crashed into a Denny’s restaurant in Fremont this morning, Fremont fire officials said.

Firefighters responded at 9:44 a.m. to a Denny’s at 5280 Mowry Ave., fire Division Chief Diane Hendry said.

An employee at the cash register was injured in the crash and taken to a hospital.

“This is a very busy Denny’s at breakfast time, fully occupied, it appears the vehicle was on the other side of the building,” fire department spokesman Richard Dickinson said.

No customers were hurt in the crash.

“It was parked right here in the stall and backed up and hit this one and half foot curb,” bystander Tim Ness said.

Dickinson describes how the crash may have happened.

“Particularly here they go to hit the brake and their foot gets wedged between the brake and the gas pedal they start to speed up a little and they push down harder thinking they’re hitting the brake pedal and their foot is also on the gas and the harder they push the faster the vehicle goes,” he said.

“And just kept on the gas all the way and turned all the way and went into the entrance of the Denny’s,” Ness said.

There is no word on when the restaurant will reopen.

It is unclear if the driver was cited in the crash.

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