Pedestrian struck with BB gun in San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO (BCN) — The Alameda County Sheriff and San Leandro police are asking for the public’s help to locate suspects who have allegedly been targeting pedestrians and shooting at them with a BB gun, sheriff’s officials said.

Around 8 p.m. on Thursday, sheriff’s deputies received a report that a person had been shot in the head with a BB gun near East 14th Street and 159th Avenue, just outside San Leandro, according to sheriff’s officials.

Upon arrival, deputies contacted the female victim, who said an SUV drove past her and a person inside then fired a shot, which struck her on the side of her head, sheriff’s officials said.

Officers were able to obtain surveillance video from the area and identified a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with tinted windows and chrome rims. The first number of the SUV’s California license plate number is a 7, according to sheriff’s officials.

Shortly after the incident, sheriff’s officials learned San Leandro Police had reported a similar incident involving the same vehicle, sheriff’s officials said.

Sheriff’s officials believe the suspect driver is possibly a woman, and the shooter may be a 13-year-old black boy wearing sunglasses. The alleged juvenile shooter was sitting in the rear seat on the driver’s side, according to sheriff’s officials.

Three other people were also allegedly in the car.

The condition of the female victim who was shot in the head was not immediately known.

The incidents are not the first time the city has dealt with such shootings.

In April San Leandro police reported several incidents involving suspects shooting at vehicles as well as pedestrians. In those incidents, different vehicles were used and no suspects were ever identified.

It’s not known if the recent shootings are related to the ones that took place earlier this year.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at (510) 667-7721.

Photo Courtesy: Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Photo Courtesy: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

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