Oakland resident sentenced for armed bank robbery

OAKLAND (KRON) A 52-year-old Oakland man was sentenced Thursday to 12 years in prison for an armed robbery.

Shawn Hermann McGee is also required by the court to pay $7,200 in restitution.

McGee robbed a Wells Fargo bank inside of a Safeway on May 16, 2015 in Antioch, according to a plea agreement.

He was wearing a hard hat, blue jumpsuit, dark sunglasses and gloves. McGee placed a note on a counter and pointed a gun at a bank teller ordering her to give him money and threatened to shoot her if she turned on an alarm.

McGee left the bank using a bike and then put the bike in a truck. He lead police on a high speed chase near East Oakland.

McGee was driving over 100 miles before he crashed his truck. He locked himself in an nearby apartment with a resident.

He was eventually arrested at the entrance of the apartment complex.

McGee was indicted on a federal grand jury and charged with armed bank robbery and forced accompaniment.

McGee will have a supervised three-year release after he serves his 12-year prison sentence.

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