VIDEO: Naked Donald Trump statue pops up in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A statue of Donald Trump popped up overnight in San Francisco’s Castro District on Thursday, and it’s naked. 460x (43)

The life-size statue can be found on the corner of Castro and Market Streets and has attracted a large gathering of onlookers and photo-takers.

The statue was removed Thursday night but San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Scott Wiener said he is working to save the statue. The bar Lefty O’Doul’s in San Francisco is offering to take it.

San Francisco isn’t the only city to find the unflattering statue on its streets Thursday morning.

Identical statues were also found in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Cleveland.

“The Emperor Has No Balls” are the brainchild of an activist collective called INDECLINE, which has spoken out against Trump before.

In a statement, the collective said the hope is that Trump “is never installed in the most powerful political and military position in the world.”

The statues were created by an artist in Cleveland. They are of a stern-faced Trump with his hands folded over a bulging belly. Some parts of male genitalia are visible while others seemingly are missing.

“It is through these sculptures that we leave behind the physical and metaphorical embodiment of the ghastly soul of one of America’s most infamous and reviled politicians,” INDECLINE said in its statement.

Trump’s campaign declined to comment on the statue.


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