VIDEO: Helicopter rescues Santa Rosa hiker in Fresno County after she suffers stroke


FRESNO (KRON) — Incredible video of a helicopter rescue in Fresno County shows CHP officers¬†assisting a hiker in trouble.

The victim is 66-year-old Tara Steele from Santa Rosa.

She was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail Sunday afternoon when she started to feel symptoms of a stroke.

Tara Steele
Tara Steele

That is when Steele activated her emergency personal locator beacon, giving her exact coordinates to her family.

Deputies managed to find Steele with other hikers in a heavily wooded area of the trail just east of the Brave Lake.

Steele was hoisted up to safety and transported to a local hospital.

Crews said Steele in fact did suffer from a rare stroke that could have been deadly.

But she is back home Thursday night and is recovering.

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