Video: Mother says she’s looking for answers after her son was shot, killed on Interstate 80


SAN PABLO (KRON) — It has been nearly a year since her son was shot and killed on Interstate 80, and still, she has no answers.

Twenty-five-year-old Anthonio Ragland is just one victim of the violence plaguing East Bay Highways.

And on Thursday night, KRON4’s Hermela Aregawi spoke with his mother who said police are not looking in the right places for her son’s killer.

Tina Swan and her niece said they know who shot and killed Ragland last November, and they believe the CHP knows too.

“We were having a conversation with them, they said someone who knows him did this. They know. They know,” Ashley Swan said.

But they said they’re not being taken seriously.

“We feel like, they said, ‘Oh forget it. We finally got him.'” Tina said. “That’s how I feel in my heart. ‘Oh, we got that. It’s another person off the street. We ain’t got to worry about him.'”

Ragland was killed on Nov. 10.

While most of the shootings appear to be gang-related, Tina said her son’s case is different.

Watch the above video to see Hermela’s full report.

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