Viral Video shows Fresno traffic officer in altercation with high school student

FRESNO (KRON) — New video out of Central California is just starting to make the rounds on social media.

It shows a police officer in Fresno in an altercation with a police officer and a high school student.

The incident is now being reviewed.

This was all because of a jaywalking issue.

The confrontation is between a Fresno traffic officer and a student at Hoover High School.

It happened on Monday.

The video was posted on YouTube. You could hear backup arrive, and it sounds like the bike cop hits the student who was taking the cellphone video.

However, the Fresno Bee reports that the police chief said there was no contact.

The chief said the student who was taken to the ground ignored repeated orders not to jaywalk across a busy street near campus.

The 16-year-old was held in a headlock until backup arrived.

He was then cuffed, and charged with battery on an officer and other charges.

The student who was filming ran from officers and was caught and also booked for obstructing an officer and running from an officer.

The department’s internal affairs division is now reviewing this video and body cam video.

WARNING: The video contains strong language:

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