Kitten recovering after being found on side of road


NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA)— Her name means “beautiful”, but just looking Bellissima’s injuries, you can tell that her short life has been anything but pretty.

“She is very young, only four weeks old, we don’t know whether it was a traumatic injury or an infection,” said Ashley Gandees, a medical technician at SPCA Suncoast.

On Friday, the 4-week-old kitten was found on the side of Pennsylvania Avenue in New Port Richey with a large, infected tumor on her eye. She was brought to SPCA Suncoast by a good Samaritan.

In recent months, SPCA Suncoast has been seeing more and more abandoned animals, just like Bellisima, who only weighs 12 ounces.

“It breaks our hearts every time we see it and unfortunately, we are seeing it more often than we would like. We are just glad we are here to be able to help the ones that do come into our shelters,” said executive director Kerrianne Farrow.

Farrow doesn’t know exactly how Bellisima ended up on the side of the road, but her discovery comes after multiple cats have been found dead on the Howard Frankland Bridge since May, possibly tossed out of a moving vehicle.

“If you are going to throw that animal away, throw it away at the SPCA, throw it away at the humane society, take it to animal control versus just tossing it on the side of the road where it doesn’t have a chance,” said Farrow.

Farrow tells News Channel 8 SPCA Suncoast typically doesn’t report cases like this to the authorities because there is so little evidence as to how that animal got there and who left it there.

If you are interested in helping with Bellissima’s medical expenses, SPCA Suncoast has set up a GoFundMe Page.

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