Video: Jailer attacked by inmate, received help from another inmate in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA (KRON) — An inmate at the Payne County jailhouse assisted an officer, while he was allegedly being attacked by another inmate.

In the surveillance video, the inmate, 24 years-old Tashka Maret openly attacks the jailer in the booking room at the Payne County jail.

According to authorities, Maret asked to go to the bathroom and proceeded to throw the inmate to the ground. The jailer trying to defend himself calls for backup.

The video shows another inmate, who was sitting on the bench proceeds to get involved and helped take Maret down. Shortly after another jailer stepped in after the Maret was on the ground.

According to Captain Kevin Woodward of the Payne County sheriff’s Office, there are not many jailers on the floor due to budget cuts.

The authorities were grateful for the help from the second inmate.

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