Oakland Police Sex Scandal: Celeste Guap decides to enter rehab


OAKLAND (KRON) — The young woman at the center of a Bay Area-wide police sex scandal has decided to enter rehab.

She calls herself Celeste Guap, and earlier on Monday, she reached out to our reporter who broke the story.

kRON4’s Haziq Madyun is reporting she is going away to get some treatment.

“I’m going (to) rehab,” Guap said to Haaziq via text.

That simple and clear text message appeared on his phone from Celeste Guap on Monday.

Haaziq asked what she is being rehabilitated from.

She wrote, “Substance abuse and after that…sex addiction.”

She told Haaziq she will be leaving for a rehab facility in Florida after her 19th birthday later this month.

She said the City of Richmond is footing the bill.

She had rejected the city’s earlier gesture to pay for out-of-state rehab.

Now, she says she is ready to take them up on the offer.

When Haaziq asked how does she feel about going away for treatment, she wrote, “I think it (will) help me, getting away from the mess…feel me(?)”

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