VIDEO: San Jose police, union, city manager discussing police staffing changes


SAN JOSE (KRON) — San Jose police, its union, and the city manager are meeting Monday afternoon to discuss police staffing changes, according to KRON’s Dan Kerman.

The Police Officer’s Association said there are not enough officers for minimum staffing.

This comes after two brothers were shot to death overnight on South Eighth Street and Martha near San Jose State University.

The POA said the city is in a catastrophic situation in regards to staffing. Eleven-hundred officers are budgeted, but they have less than 900 active officers.

And the POA said they simply do not even have the minimum staffing beginning in September.

“The numbers that were so horrific just within the last week,” San Jose POA spokesman Paul Kelly said. “We’re talking about over 340 10-hour shifts that need to be filled every single week in patrol….There is absolutely no way that we can do that and move forward.”

There have been 33 homicides in the city so far in 2016.

There were 30 at this point last year.

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