Oakland Police Sex Scandal: Who’s paying for Celeste Guap’s rehab?


RICHMOND (KRON) — There is a bit of mystery on Tuesday night surrounding who exactly is paying for Celeste Guap’s upcoming rehabilitation.

She is the woman at the center of several Bay Area police sexual misconduct investigations.

She said she will be leaving soon to receive treatment out of state.

On Tuesday, KRON’s Haaziq Madyun went to Richmond to find out where the money to pay for Guap’s rehab is coming from.

Guap said she is going to a rehab facility in Florida for substance abuse and sex addiction, but who is paying for it?

In a text, Haaziq asked Guap, “Is Rich taking care of rehab cost?”

She replied, “Yup Richmond $$.”

But trying to get that verified was a bit of a challenge.

KRON spoke to Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, who told Haaziq that the cost of Guap’s out-of-state rehabilitation is not coming out of the city’s general fund.

He pointed Haaziq toward the West Contra Costa Family Justice Center as the possible rehab funder. However, the operations manager told KRON the non-profit does not offer in-state or out-of-state-rehab-assistance, and that they don’t even have a budget for something like that.

So, that leaves the Richmond Police Department, but officials there would not comment.

Civil rights attorney John Burris has been keeping an eye on the police sexual misconduct cases involving various Bay Area law enforcement agencies and Celeste Guap.

He said cops paying for rehab is a new one on him.

“I have not seen a situation where the police have offered up help to a woman in the sex business who very well may have legal claims against the very department…,” Burris said.

Burris said the scenario raises some legal red flags.

“I would hope, hope that this gesture doesn’t represent any legal waiver of any of her rights,” he said. “If that hasn’t been done, then that means she has been taken advantage of.”

He said police allegedly taking advantage of the now 18-year-old is how this all started.

“When officers basically have sex with you anytime they want,  and then in some cases even provide cover for you that allows you to go about your trade and have some protection,” Burris said. “That to me is not any different than a first class pimp.”

We still don’t know who exactly is paying for the rehab.

One thing we know is Guap has summoned up the courage to accept the offer and appears to be looking forward to it.

“It’s gonna be nice being in a new environment, being able to focus on myself,” Guap wrote via text.

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