VIDEO: San Jose police officer among dozens arrested in connection with “Operation Gang of Thrones”

SAN JOSE (KRON) — San Jose police have arrested one of their officers in connection with “Operation Gang of Thrones,” which has netted dozens of arrests, according to Chief Eddie Garcia.

“In March 2016, San Jose Police Department’s Gang Investigations Unit launched a criminal conspiracy case against a Vietnamese criminal street gang. The gang is believed to be involved in numerous crimes including; assault, extortion, narcotics, book making, public corruption and illegal gambling. Gang members frequently operated out of Vietnamese cafes and routinely extorted cafe owners through various means,” Sgt. Enrique Garcia said in a press release.

Police said they obtained multiple arrest and search warrants for multiple homes, businesses, and Vietnamese cafes. The arrests were made on Tuesday, police said.

Twenty-three suspects associated with the street gang were arrested, police said Wednesday in a news conference.

The officer arrested had 9.5 years of service with the department. The officer has been identified as Derrick Antonio, who was already on administrative leave since June.

operation gang

“The suspects were booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on charges ranging from extortion, public corruption, narcotic trafficking, assault, illegal gun possession, and conspiracy. Two of the suspects were arrested in Anaheim, California, by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. There are 6 suspects at large for various felonies, including; Conspiracy, Accessory After the Fact, Narcotics and Gambling,” Ofc. Albert Morales said in a press release.

Thirty-four search warrants were served in California in the investigation, and one was served in Lousiana.

The following evidence was seized:

  • 5 handguns
  • 69 illegal gambling machines
  • Over $200,000 in US Currency
  • Body armor, jewelry, phones, computers, and financial records
  • Investigators also recovered over 4000 Ecstasy pills, 300 Zanex pills, 200 Molly tablets, illegal steroids, over 600 pounds of Marijuana (420 lbs of which was seized by the Louisiana State Police in transit from San Jose)
  • Several vehicles were also seized; which included one with a hidden compartment containing $100,000
  • One alligator

The officer was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on five felony counts of unauthorized computer access and one felony count of accessory After the Fact. He has been charged, police said.

“During the course of the investigation, SJPD was alerted to the possible criminal involvement of a San Jose Police Officer. Upon learning this information, SJPD took immediate action by implementing extraordinary investigative measures to determine the extent of the officer’s involvement in this criminal investigation,” Morales said.

Police said Antonio was giving confidential police information to the gang.

“Lastly, during the course of the investigation, SJPD identified three suspects who conspired to bribe a uniformed member of the SJPD. The suspects are affiliated with the Duong Café, located at 2268 Senter Road in San Jose, and are associated to a criminal street gang in San Jose,” Morales said.

Six suspects are still at large, police said.

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