VIDEO: Ken doll in a dress at Sacramento bakery stirs Facebook controversy


SACRAMENTO (CNN Newsource) — A cake controversy at a Sacramento bakery.

Images of the creation stirred up more than a thousand reactions on social media.

“So, they start with the buttermilk…” Co-owner Marlene Goetzeler said.

At the Freeport Bakery Kitchen, carefully crafted cakes and desserts are made every day.

“I deleted a lot of the negative comments, because I really didn’t want the Facebook page to become a big drama,” Goetzeler said.

Those comments turned critical based on a post by Goetzeler.

She said some people took the playful image and turned it into a real life LGBT debate.

“First, I was shocked, and then I was surprised, and then I thought, ‘well you can’t make everyone happy’,” Goetzeler said.

The person who bought the cake, who asked not to be on camera, said it was for her friend–never imagining a sweet surprise would turn sour.

“It’s just too bad that you have to pick on a cake! (laughter),” customer Hawea Pedersen said.

On Tuesday, Ashley Nelson came to pick a cake of her own and added another layer to this conversation. “I don’t know,” Nelson said.

“I don’t know,” Nelson said. “I feel that people should be free to be who they are without having to worry about what other people think, and I think it’s awesome.”

Goetzler said the controversy is now generating a nationwide response, with some customers even stopping by to applaud the bakery.

“I’m really grateful that people have supported us and come out and shown their true colors so to speak,” Goetzeler said.

The bakery owner said she did lose some followers on Facebook due to the Ken doll cake, but she says overall, the response has been positive.

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