My KRON4 Story: Berkeley girl hit in crosswalk goes back to school

BERKELEY (KRON)—An update on a story we brought you involving a young East Bay girl hit by a taxi cab as she was crossing the street with her mother following an after-school function.

Lillia Bartlow suffered two broken legs and forced to be in a wheelchair.

On Tuesday, as KRON4’s Terisa Estacio shows us in this My KRON4 Story, Lillia not only went back to school, but she went back in style.

“What do you see?” Estacio asked.

“I see a fire truck,” Lillia said.

Heading back to school is certainly exciting, but for Lillia Bartlow, this day is monumental.

Back in the spring, Lillia’s spirit crushed as she sat in a wheelchair with two broken legs. She had to learn how to walk again in physical therapy. For the once happy, lively girl, this has been an excruciating journey.

In March, as she and her mother were in the cross walk leaving John Muir Elementary School in Berkeley, the two were hit by a taxi cab driver cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian.

Lillia was pinned under the car.

“This one says dream, this one says peace, this is love,” Lillia said.

Lillia showed me her bracelet she created to help herself through this tough time. On Tuesday, all of hard work and positive thinking paid off bouncing out of her home on her own two feet.

Lillia leaped into the arms of a fire fighter who lifted her up into a fire truck. It was as if she was Cinderella herself, but instead of the ball, it was the first day of school and a fire truck was her carriage.

They took the scenic route to her school so Lillia could have a longer trip.

“This is what we do,” said Berkeley firefighter Tyre Mills. “This is what firefighters do. We give back to the community.”

Grateful for the ride, but eager to get going, Lillia was off running. Estacio had to chase her to keep up with her as she stopped for hugs from teachers, parents and friends.

“It’s really good seeing her back and I’m glad that she is OK,” said student Alex Henri.

For her mom seeing Lillia smile after so many months of tears was incredible.

“I’m really, really relieved yeah,” said Lillia’s mom Khadija Bartlow. “I hope she has a great first day.”

As for where the crash occurred, new signs are now up and lights are planned for the future.

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