VIDEO: Sleeping woman stung by scorpion in Canada


ONTARIO, Canada (KRON) — A Canadian woman woke up to a very unpleasant surprise when she felt sharp pains in her hand and shoulder.

She said it felt like she rolled over onto a piece fo glass.

That pain was coming from the bite of a scorpion, not native to Vancouver, but found crawling in her bed.

She started to feel symptoms from the poison and called an ambulance while her roommate searched for the bug.

They said it was twice the size of a quarter and they needed to use quite a bit of force to kill it.

“This big black ugly thing that made no sense to me. With its little lobster claws extended and its tail,” said Rachel Fox, who was stung by the scorpion.

Their weapons of choice a frying pan, now dented, and a can of raid.

The woman has since made a full recovery.

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