Dine and Dish: Arsicault Bakery named best new bakery


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Every year, Bon Appétit Magazine names its best of the best.

And one unpretentious little local bakery is suffering the consequences of instant fame.

On Wednesday night’s Dine and Dish, Vicki Liviakis tries to give us a taste of this rising star.

What else do you expect when you’re named the best bakery in America? A line that snakes around the block.

This is it–the tiny Arsicault Bakery in the city’s Richmond neighborhood, and it is named Bon Appétit’s best new bakery.

The payoff, as you can see by these snapshots taken by customers who patiently waited to get in, is croissant heaven.

What judges “preposterously flaky” croissants?

Vicki had to check it out for herself. The good news is no line.

The bad news–no croissants. They were sold out by 10 a.m.

Ellie is a neighbor with Parisian flair. Even she can’t pry loose a stray croissant.

Armando Lacayo is the owner and baker.

Perhaps bribery would yield results.

Lacayo is a first-time bakery owner, but baking is in his blood.

This is the original delivery cart from his grandparents’ boulangerie.

The family recipe?

Vicki was able to get a teaspoon of buttery filling, and if it’s an indication, Vicki will be back and take her place in line.

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