Only on KRON4: Interview with Celeste Guap after her arrest while at Florida rehab facility

RICHMOND (KRON) — Nineteen-year-old Celeste Guap, whose real name is Jasmine Abuslin, is sitting in jail Friday night after she was arrested while at a Florida rehab facility.

She was arrested earlier this week just four days after she arrived in Florida for drug rehab treatment.

The woman at the center of multiple police sex scandals rocking the Bay Area made a call from jail to KRON’s Haaziq Madyun.

“I’m taking it day by day,” Guap said over the phone.

Guap told Haaziq she is being treated “not very nice” in jail.

“I mean there are some deputies who do treat me with dignity…” Guap said.

Guap told Haaziq she is frightened being in jail.

“Yes, I am scared. This isn’t a place for me. You know this is my first time in jail,” Guap said.

She told me that she could not comment on the incident that led to her arrest.

A Martin County, Florida police report said deputies were called to the Treasure Coast Treatment Center because Guap was reportedly acting abusive toward staff members, extremely hostile, caused an altercation, lunged at a guard, leaving teeth marks after allegedly bitting a guard on the arm.

Guap would not comment on those allegations.

“Yeah, I felt that, though, they were pushing my buttons. So, I felt like it was a set-up,” Guap said.

Guap reiterated that she feels like she was set up.

“Yeah, I do, I wanna come home so bad,” Guap said.

“I miss my home,” Guap added. “I miss my family, my pets, my bed, being able to eat what I want when i want. I do. I miss my family the most. I miss my home. California is home to me. This isn’t where I need to be.”

The 19-year-old told KRON that she was arraigned Tuesday on a felony aggravated battery charge.

The bond was set at $300,000.

In the Bay Area, Guap’s family is consulting with attornies to see what they can do to bring her back home.

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