VIDEO: Castro Valley gun range closes over lead contamination concerns


CASTRO VALLEY (KRON) — A decades-old Castro Valley gun range has closed its doors due to concerns over lead contamination from bullet shell casings.

After 52 years at the Anthony Chabot Regional Park, a popular gun range was forced to close down Monday.

Shooters who have frequented the Chabot Range for several decades said the closure is a major loss to the community.

The decision was made unanimously in March by the East Bay Regional Park District’s Directors over Environmental Concerns. They said the range could not afford to pay for stricter standards of lead cleanup from shell casings, a possible contamination concern for Chabot Lake.

“They’ve tested the upper levels–no lead, the mid levels–no lead, the fish–no lead,” Sr. Rangemaster John Maunder said. “The lower levels–they didn’t bother testing because it’s full of lead fishing weights. And so, blaming us for that…doesn’t make sense.”

Rangegoers say they don’t buy the reasoning behind the forced closure.

Watch the above video to see Ella’s full report.

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