Decision 2016: Trump tops Clinton 45% to 43% in new poll

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — New polls show a dead heat between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton just nine weeks before the 2016 Presidential Election, according to CNN.

The CNN/ORC Poll shows Trump edging Clinton by a scant two points among likely voters.

According to the survey, Trump tops Clinton 45 percent to 43 percent, with Libertarian Gary Johnson standing at 7 percent among likely voters in this poll and the Green Party’s Jill Stein at just 2 percent.

When it comes to voters’ top four issues, Trump holds an edge over Clinton in two of them.

56 percent of voters trust Trump with the economy, compared to Clinton’s 41 percent.

51 percent of likely voters also trust Trump to handle terrorism, compared to Clinton’s 45 percent.

However, Clinton holds a solid lead on foreign policy wi6th 56 percent support compared to Trump’s 40 percent.

Voters seem to be divided on immigration with 49 percent favoring Clinton’s approach and 47 percent support Trump’s approach.

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