VIDEO: Man recovering from crocodile attack, has 200 stitches


HOUSTON, Texas (KRON) — A violent crocodile attack left one man with 200 stitches.

Luckily, he lived and is telling what happened during the encounter.

Other than the stitches, Jonathan Schoeneman also has metal plates and 30 screws that are holding his jaw together.

It is all from a crocodile attack the 34-year-old experienced while spearfishing in a lagoon in Cancun, Mexico.

Jonathan says the crocodile, which measured to about 13 feet long, snapped at his head.

He said he has been swimming and fishing in the area for about 30 years. But this day was unlike any other.

“I just got this hand here and kept on punching it in the mouth and this hand, I was hooking his eyes, hard as I could, and I could hear the bones cracking…just cracking all the time. I just fought back as hard as I possibly could,” Schoeneman said.

The crocodile let go shortly after.

Jonathan was helped out of the water by a friend.

He spent 12 days in a Mexican hospital.

Jonathan plans to return to Mexico and get back in the water.

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