VIDEO: Richmond mayor reacts to claims by Abuslin’s attorney

RICHMOND (KRON)—Richmond Mayor Tom Butt took issue with the some of the accusations made against police officers by Jasmine Abuslin’s attorney.

He tells KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun a police conspiracy has yet to be proven.

“The police officers were engaged in a conspiracy to sexually traffic children, she was not the only one,” said civil rights attorney Pamela Price.

She says Bay Area officers from seven different police departments trafficked her client Abuslin for sex.

“That is what we believe the evidence clearly shows, you cannot have this many officers engaged in this kind of conduct across jurisdictional lines without an internal network,” Price said.

That assertion runs counter to conclusion reached in Richmond Police Department’s police misconduct investigation.

Chief Brown states, “We found no conspiracies, the fact show individual, unconnected non-criminal engagements.”

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt stood by the city’s police chief.

“I do have confidence in my chief until proven otherwise,” Butt said.

He pushed back against talk of conspiracies by Abuslin’s attorney.

“You know if somebody sends a Facebook post to somebody else and because of that they make contact with somebody ,is that conspiracy or gossip? I don’t know,” Butt said.

KRON4 received these exclusive photos of Abuslin being greeted by her dad soon as she walked out of jail.

“Take a look around you don’t know who is being sex trafficked, you don’t know who is a victim of human trafficking and I can tell you as we return to the Bay Area we intend to hold everyone accountable,” Price said.

Abuslin is expected to return to the Bay Area sometime within the next 24 hours.

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