VIRAL VIDEO: Chinese orphans who grew up together reunite in Texas after adoption


PLANO, Texas (CNN Newsource) — In an inconsistent world, the only thing two orphans in China had was each other.

The best friends were separated when one of them found a new family.

But now, the two have been brought together again on the other side of the world. And their touching reunion video has gone viral.

The two children, ages 3 and 4, were in sheer joy.

“They must have hugged like 400 times,” Dawson’s mother Amy Clary said. “They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over, and that went on for like 20 minutes.”

After 11 months apart, two best friends were together again, reunited halfway across the world.

“They call each other brother and sister,” Hannah’s mom Sharon Sykes said.

Before they were a part of their North Texas families, Hannah and Dawson were each other’s worlds–inseparable at the Chinese orphanage where they lived.

“They had so little connection and so little consistency that they had each other for those first formative years,” Sykes said.

As the Sykes family went through the process of adopting Hannah, Dawson was always right next to her in every photo update, sharing birthday cake or holding hands.

“He was on my heart, and I was like so….Really, I couldn’t stop thinking of him,” Sykes said.

Bringing Hannah home to North Texas meant leaving Dawson behind.

Sharon was determined to find him a loving home, so she shared his story on Facebook.

“Right when I posted, they were reading on Facebook,” Sykes said.

The Clary’s already had a full house, with three kids at home, but they had an open heart.

“I was gone for maybe 45 seconds, maybe it was 2 minutes, and then you said, ‘We’re adopting this little boy.’ I just said, ‘OK,'” Dawson’s dad Christopher Clary said.

They admit the process was much more complicated than the decision. But they felt called to help.

Nearly a year later, Dawson and Hannah are picking up where they left off.

This time, they’re neighbors, living 5 minutes away from each other. That is true friendship.

And through their children, through adoption, and two families, they have become one.

“It’s not really what we’re doing for these kids. It’s what they’re doing for us,” Hannah’s dad Andy Sykes said.

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