My KRON4 Story: Family offers art classes inside bus

BRENTWOOD (KRON)—My name is Allison Millar and this is my KRON4 story.

Allison’s story is about following a dream. Along with her family, they have begun an odyssey on a bus, an art bus that holds classes for children. A dream she’s had since childhood.

“We’d talk about it and our kids would say it’s never going to happen cause we’d always say we are going to do it and they’d say you’re never going to do it,” Millar said.

Allison’s daughter Madison Millar wasn’t sure it was going to happen.

“We thought maybe it’s going to be a dream or something but then they actually got the bus and I was like what,” Madison Millar said.

The whole family converted the former school bus into a mobile class room and they have committed their lives to art. It’s a commitment born of what schools have had to abandon.

“Schools have low budgets and they have had to cut a lot of the art programs,” Allison Millar said. “I just wanted to have art available and kids and to have kids not forget about the classic artists. He studied Pablo Picasso.”

The parents of many of Allison’s pupils have also enrolled her classes.

“We have ladies nights and we have so much fun, we play music and we paint together and I see them all creating,” Millar said.

The art bus will come to your home.

“They just come and paint and have their party on the bus right at their house,” Millar said.

Allison and her family have quit their day jobs to pursue the art bus full time.

“We’ve put all our money into this and it’s exactly the way I’ve always wanted it to be and it’s just wonderful to do what I love,” Millar said.

And the dream does not stop here.

“It’s an old school bus so we’ll see how it holds up for us but someday we’ll have a whole fleet you never know,” Millar said.

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