VIDEO: San Francisco school gets rid of homework


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)—One San Francisco school has decided to get rid of traditional homework.

It seems like a kids dream come true.

“I think it’s great,” said 4th grade student Zev Wasserman.

He got the news that his school.

Fairmount Elementary School will no longer be assigning “traditional” homework.

But like some parents, he’s got mixed emotions.

“I’d rather have a tiny bit because I kind of like it,” Wasserman said

The idea makes him a little nervous.

But principal Luis Rodriguez is adamant that it’s not an end to all homework.

He says instead of sitting at home isolated working on math problems, he wants kids to have real life experiences.

“Go to the store, go to the beach, whatever it is and count things, if you’re adding, count things, play games where addition is part of the objective or division or multiplication, whatever it is,” Rodriguez said.

School administrators started talking about the idea informally at the beginning of this year. From there, a committee of teachers and instructional coaches came together to research the idea.

“We know that the traditional homework hasn’t yielded significant positive results in elementary school in their academic performance and on the contrary has actually increased negative attitude towards school for some children that are struggling.” said librarian Maureen Sullivan.

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