VIDEO: Naked Donald Trump statue pops up in Miami



MIAMI, Florida (KRON) — Those naked Donald Trump statues keep showing up in various places around the country.

The world has yet another naked statue of the Republican Presidential nominee to deal with. This time, one showed up in South Florida.

One interesting switch–it was Donald Trump on top of a billboard high in the air.

Miami police have asked the property owner to take it down, saying it could be a safety hazard.

So, Donald wasn’t up there very long.

The statue is expected to be moved to another spot in Miami until the November election, and then, it will be put up for auction.

These things have been popping up in places ranging from Seattle to Cleveland.

In August, a naked Trump was on display in San Francisco.

This was its appearance in the Castro where it was a tourist favorite.

But eventually, it was taken into police custody. Some argue the police are overreacting.

It’s not clear yet where it will end up, but some of the statues, like the one in Los Angeles, are being auctioned off for charity.

A nonprofit activist group, called Indecline, is taking credit for the statues.

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