ONLY ON KRON4: Berkeley business owner robbed


BERKELEY (KRON)—A business owner is beaten inside her own store and it’s all caught on camera.

It happened Friday afternoon in Berkeley and the suspects are on the loose.

Only on KRON4, Ella Sogomonian spoke with the woman and has exclusive surveillance video of the assault.

The attack happened Friday afternoon when the gates were left open for a few minutes leaving items inside vulnerable for the taking.

The woman hurt was actually an employee for more than a decade and has only been the owner for a few weeks and what a rough initiation it was.

Nine stitches later, she’s back to work sharing the disturbing details.

“This was my dream to own this store and we do have a lot of small issues with customers over the years where people have tried to steal things, but we’ve never had something so intense,” said Berkeley garden owner Corrie Abraham.

That dream would turn into a brief nightmare.

Just a few weeks into finally owning the Berkeley indoor garden, a couple attacked Corrie Abraham in the process of stealing $80 jug of flora grow.

“When I got out here, I noticed a woman on camera running down the yard carrying something very heavy which was a nutrient and I yelled to her stop and no,” Abraham said.

She didn’t stop.

The assault was caught on surveillance cameras and you could see the white brunette with tattoos on her arms run out the gate and throw the jug into the back of a black Ford Explorer before she punched Abraham repeatedly.

“My forehead sort of exploded when she was punching me and so I was bloody from my face, all of my arms were completely bloody, my clothes were pretty drenched in blood,” Abraham said.

Shortly before punches were thrown, you could see the woman along with a white man scoping out the scene.

“It was a big surprise to have someone be so violent for something so insignificant,” Abraham said.

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