VIDEO: Tips on how to beat the heat


WALNUT CREEK (KRON)—Saturday was a scorcher in many parts of the Bay Area including Walnut Creek where not only was it a hot day, but air quality was a concern.

KRON4’s Averi Harper was there talking with people about how they beat the heat.

With temperatures topping 90 degrees in Walnut Creek Saturday, people who live here are trying to figure out ways keep themselves cool.

The day starts out comfortable, but then the temperatures spike. So some people are trying to keep cool by dressing in layers.

“I just came out of my drop top, took off the hat and scarf and I’m in the warm jacket and I will be ready for later on,” one woman from Walnut Creek said. “Oh and flip-flops too.”

Temperatures topped the 90 degree mark almost 20 degrees hotter than an average day this time of year in Walnut Creek.

It’s also a Spare the Air day, so people with respiratory issues are encouraged to stay inside.

“You know I’m not going to be running around the neighborhood on my jog in this kind of quality, but you know, just stay calm and stay out of it.”

So here’s some advice if you’re going to be out and about Saturday:
-Wear light colored clothing with breathable fabrics,
-Stay hydrated
-Wear sunscreen if you’ll be outside.

In these temperatures, it won’t take long to get a sunburn.

The heat effects the very young and older people more quickly, so be sure to check on the kids and the seniors you know.

“We have a little baby pool and a little Nemo pool we like to blow up to get some splashes there in the shade. We have a dog in there as well so the whole family stays nice and cool in the inflatable pool.”

“I’m probably going to be working and keeping inside and there’s a lot of nice restaurants,” one resident said. “Probably just eating inside absolutely and obviously get some Ice coffees to keep me going.”

Temperatures are expected to climb just as high if not higher tomorrow here in Walnut Creek. So if you’re going to be out and about stock up on water sunscreen and comfortable clothing.

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