VIDEO: SFPD increases patrols after East Coast explosions

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)—Police in San Francisco are on high alert.

In light of the bombing in New York City and explosion in New Jersey, authorities are making sure people in the city remain safe.

As KRON4’s Alecia Reid explains, they’ll need the public’s help as well.

Whether folks are spending their Sunday vibing, looking at cats up for adoption or going for a stroll in Dolores Park, San Francisco police are on alert.

“I noticed more cops on foot,” one person said.

That’s because there is stepped up patrols across the city.

Both on foot and in cars.

“Shopping malls, tourist sites, any place where people visit that would draw a lot of attention,” said San Francisco police Officer Carlos Manfredi.

The city isn’t taking any chances after Saturday’s explosion in New Jersey, and a bombing in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood that left more than two dozen people injured.

“I used to live in New Jersey and would visit New York City quite frequently and a part of the reason I moved to the west coast is because it’s a completely different vibe and I actually feel quite safe in San Francisco compared to New York City,” said San Francisco resident Maureen Buttner.

As cops make rounds in areas where large groups of people gather, Officer Carlos Manfredi tells me there’s also a Marine Unit checking infrastructures around the port.

“I feel pretty safe,” one man said.

“I feel much more secure and safe,” another man said.

“I feel like if something was gonna go down, there’d have to be more people watching out. Because it could be underground,” one person said. “I could be anywhere.”

The fact that terror can strike anywhere, and anytime is precisely why SFPD is relying on the public’s help as well.

If you see something that is out of the ordinary, you’re encouraged to call authorities.

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