VIDEO: 3 more officers charged in Oakland police sex scandal


(KRON) — Three more Bay Area police officers have been charged in a wide-ranging Oakland police sex scandal.

The officers charged are former Contra Costa County sheriff’s Deputy Ricardo Perez, Oakland Police Officers Brian Bunton, and Giovani LoVerde.

Former Contra Costa County sheriff’s Deputy Ricardo Perez and Oakland police Officer Giovanni LoVerde are each facing charges of felony oral copulation with a minor. If convicted, they could face 16 months to three years in state prison.

“Subject [LoVerde] per victim, met with her online when she was underage. In the month of July 2015 on an unknown date, the subject met with the victim [Abuslin], who was 17 years old at the time, near Lake Merritt in Oakland,” court documents said. “She orally copulated the suspect in a public area, an apartment entry way.”

Documents said LoVerde denied the allegations, saying he never met Abuslin in person.

Perez will also be charged with two counts of engaging in a lewd act in a public place.

“Subject [Perez] had sexual intercourse with her [Abuslin] about 10 times in an unknown location near Fish Ranch Road in the Oakland Hills when she was 17 years old around June or July 2015 when she was 17 years old,” court documents said.

An investigation into Abuslin’s Facebook account and phone dump showed contact between her and Perez happened in July 2015.

“Subject [Perez] was interviewed and claimed that his first sexual contact with the victim was between 5 to 7 days after 18 August 2015,” according to court documents. “This included both penile/vaginal intercourse and oral copulation. He acknowledged that he had several encounters in his vehicle in a dirt turnout near the location that the victim described.”

“It appeared that the subject engaged in at least one sex act, oral copulation, with the subject when she was 17 years old in a public place,” court documents added.

According to the documents, it appears that at least two of the sex acts happened in a public place.

Oakland Police Officer Brian Bunton faces one count of felony conspiracy to obstruct justice, which carries a possible sentence of a year in prison, and one misdemeanor charge of engaging in an act of prostitution.

“On March 5th 2016, Officer Brian Bunton contacted Jasmine (Abuslin) via text and informed her of an undercover Oakland Police Department operation targeting prostitution activities in a specific area of high prostitution [International Boulevard in Oakland]; and for her to stay away from that area,” court documents stated.

Abuslin sent a screenshot to investigators of the exchange to support her claims, documents said.

“In the exchange, Bunton, who was identified by the screen name ‘Superman’ told her to stay away from International on a particular night because (there) was a UC operation going on,” according to court documents.

“Subject, per reporting party, received sex in exchange for the information.” court documents added. “It appeared that the subject had provided counter intelligence on police operations to assist the subject in avoiding potential incarceration and received a sex act as compensation for providing the information to the subject.”

Court papers describe another incident two days later.

“On March 7th 2016, Officer Brian Bunton contacted Jasmine (Abuslin) via text and encouraged and promoted acts of prostitution by asking her if she ‘made all her money’ and then informed her that she ‘needed a better manager’ when Ms. (Abuslin) stated she did not make as much money as she wanted,” documents said.

Here are the three criminal complaints filed:

On Friday, the Alameda County District Attorney’s office charged two officers with crimes against Jasmine Abuslin.

Former Livermore Police Officer Dan Black is charged with two counts of engaging in an act of prostitution and two counts of lewd acts in public. Black also faces one count of providing alcohol to a minor.

According to court documents on Apr. 8 and 13, 2016, Black arranged to pick up Abuslin near her home in his motorhome. He drove her to restaurants in the cities of Berkeley and Albany on those days.

On Apr. 8, 2016, the documents state that Abuslin was at dinner in Berkeley when Black said, “Just to be clear, I’m not paying you, but I will buy you dinner.” At that

At that point, Black and Abuslin returned to the motorhome, parked in a parking lot, and engaged in one act of mutual oral copulation, documents said. The following morning, while still parked in the same spot, they engaged in one act of sexual intercourse.


Black furnished Abuslin with alcoholic beverages inside the motorhome according to the papers filed by the District Attorney.

Retired Oakland Police Officer Leroy Johnson will be charged with one count of failing to report sexual misconduct concerning a minor.

According to the charges on Sept. 21, 2015, Abuslin told Johnson that she had engaged in sex with other members or the Oakland Police Department, some of which occurred before her 18th birthday.

Also on Friday attorneys for Jasmine Abuslin filed a civil lawsuit Friday against the City of Oakland in connection with the police sexual misconduct scandal.

She is asking for $66 million, documents said.

Her attorneys say Abuslin has been a victim of sex trafficking since she was 12-years-old.

According to the documents, then Oakland police chief Sean Whent had personal knowledge that Abuslin was being sexually exploited as a minor and did nothing.




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