VIDEO: Cal State East Bay police giving out personal safety alarms in attempt to curb campus sexual assaults


HAYWARD (KRON) — Cal State East Bay police are beginning to give out personal safety alarms in an effort to curb campus sexual assaults.

They are made by an Oakland company, ROBOCOPP.

All you have to do is pull one end of the keychain out of the other, and it makes a loud beeping sound that gets louder the longer the pieces are separated. They do not make auto calls to police.

They are free for students. Four campus agencies and organizations pitched in to buy 5,000 of them.

They have given out less than 1,000 so far, two days before school starts on Wednesday.

The idea is preventative and not in response to any particular assault or statistic on campus.

The police chief said Cal State East Bay is one of the safest campuses in the region.

Watch the above video to see Spencer’s full report.

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