ONLY on KRON4: Father of woman at center of OPD sex scandal speaks out


OAKLAND (KRON) — The father of Jasmine Abuslin is speaking publicly for the first time and only on KRON4.

His daughter is at the center of a police sex scandal involving multiple law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area.

On Tuesday night, Henry Abuslin shared his anger about the alleged crimes in an exclusive interview with KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun, who broke the story.

“If those officers were involved with my daughter, man, then they deserve what’s coming,” Abuslin said.

Those are the words of an angry father seeking justice on behalf of his daughter Jasmine Abuslin. Over the past four months, Abuslin watched from behind the scenes as the police sex scandal featuring Celeste Guap played out in the media.

He did so without making any public statements until Tuesday.

“They committed a crime, now they gotta pay for the crime,” Abuslin said.

Earlier this month, Abuslin took a plane to Florida, accompanied by Jasmine’s legal team, to get her released from jail.

“From Florida to California, take a look around,” attorney Pamela Price said. “You don’t know who is being sex trafficked.”

“She is back home where she is supposed to be,” Abuslin said.

Abuslin showed KRON4 recent photos of him and Jasmine.

“Jas is doing the best she can, man, you know, it’s a long process and everything,” Abuslin said. “She’s got a lot of damage that was done mentally.”

The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has charged five officers in the police sex scandal case. Two remaining officers have yet to be charged.

However, Abuslin said the case is moving in the right direction

“We are very happy that the D.A. is charging these five officers,” Abuslin said. “You know, we thought it was going to take a little longer.”

Jasmine’s attorneys recently filed a $66 million civil lawsuit against the City of Oakland.

However, her father said she just hopes his daughter gets the help that she needs

“She is surrounded by a lot of new people right now, so I just hope that they have her best interest at heart,” Abuslin said.

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